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Credit Card Pen Drives

Credit Card Pen Drives

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Credit Card Pen Drives

In the era when experts are using various tactics for the marketing of their brands, using Credit Card Pen Drives for your own promotion can be a trick that might do wonders. In the modern times when all the information is available and transmitted in digital form, external data storage can be a perfect tool for the mankind for securely transferring data from one device to another and to address this need, high-speed USB flash drives are the best tool to go for. With each passing day, our needs to store and transfer the data in digital form is becoming more and more necessary and with increasing cyber crime rate in the country and across the world, digital space online is much less trusted these days. Hence, in order to leave a great impact on your target audience whilst branding your company, promotional credit card pen drive is a perfect gift to give away on occasions.

Custom Branded Thin Flash Drives

ATM type pen drives are the newest trend in the market and everyone is constantly looking for the same over the internet to carry mountains of data in their wallet without being scared of losing it. Even though, there are plenty of places where one can simply go and buy credit card pen drives online in India, the credit card pen drive prices are really high for lower number of order. So, if you are planning to go for a summit, seminar, a business conference, corporate gifting, school/college complimentary gift distribution or anything else that requires some motivation as well as can be a platform for your brand, promotional credit card pen drives can be proven to be a perfect gift. Printed credit card shape pen drives with the logo or personalized message printed with the UV can be a great way to leave your mark in people's memory and give you a nice and overwhelming response in days.

Custom Branded Thin Credit Card Pen Drives in Wholesale

At Print Virtue, we address your requirements and ensure to give your brand a presence as per your needs. Being among the leading credit card pen drive wholesaler in India, we ensure to give you the most promising product with a range of pen drives with the capacity from 2 GB to 64 GB. In addition, our double-sided logo branding is unique and popular among our customers who constantly look for customized credit card pen drive suppliers in India for bulk printing and are ensured plenty of times with our services. Being a prominent generic plain credit card pen drive manufacturer, we ensure of providing the best of products on competitive/best prices in the Indian market.

Best Quality USB Business Cards and Promotional Full Coloured Credit Card

Our team of expert printers and designers are at your service to provide a memorable product printed on CMYK printing process and ensure a long lasting print on the high-speed USB flash drives. Furthermore, the variety of products available with us can give you a range of options to choose from and get ahead with your marketing strategy to boost the presence of your organization in the market whilst offering a quality experience of data transfer and usage with the high-speed data transferring USB stick. Additionally, the products provided by us are best in the class and can come with a number of assuring documents.

Customized Packaging and Quick Delivery

We at Print Virtue provide exclusive packaging option for our premium customers opted for customized packaging options. A range of packaging patterns are also available with us at Print Virtue to select and make this amazing business/corporate gift a more presentable and memorable souvenir from your organization. Our delivery specialists are well versed with the last minute emerging requirements and offer quick delivery options to get your custom-made Credit Card USB drives online delivered to your address with ease.

Benefits of Buying Card Pen Drives from us

We are the major seller of personalized credit card pen drive in India. The major benefits of buying usb pen drive from us:

  • CE & FCC certified pen drives
  • 5-Years Conditional Warranty
  • Free Professional Designer Services
  • Delivery within the Deadline
  • Price Beat Guarantee
  • Free Delivery within Delhi/NCR
  • Custom USB Drives in any shape or size you can imagine

What Makes Card USB a Perfect Gift in Corporate?

The credit card USB is a great catch and can easily be kept within your pocket without being lost or stolen. In addition, there are several other reasons that make it a great gift and nice gesture to show during your business meets, conferences, fairs, galas, events and other occasions. Some of the features that make ATM type pen drives are:

  • Compact design makes it easy to carry.
  • Catches the eye when used or put on the desk or around the wallet.
  • Ample of space for branding and leaving all the literature you may require showcasing on such a corporate and marketing-oriented gift.
  • The broad canvas with stylish material makes it easy to add more illustrations, graphics, images and many more designs in one place to make it more visible and catchy.
  • USB drives are used by nearly everyone and giving it as a present to someone will give a positive response to you in the near future.
  • The business card USB is for both masses and classes and proudly used by everyone from students to the presidents of an organization.

These reasons can hold a great significance in your coming marketing strategy when you will be getting sufficient exposure and recognition from the people around you and the more these visiting card pen drives are used among people, the more the visibility and presence of your brand can come forth in the world and offer a priceless recognition to your brand in the future at such visiting card pen drive price.

Print Virtue for Custom Branded Thin Card Pen Drives

Get in touch with Print Virtue and unlock a whole wide range of world-class services coming within the form of these small yet effective pen drives and avail the exclusive service from us comprising best in industry printing patterns, professional design services available for free, door to door delivery options, bulk order placement, best prices for printed card pen drives in India and much more. So, do consider Print Virtue for your upcoming events and get your order placed for credit card pen drives with price beat guarantee and increase the visibility of your brand instantly.

Benefits of USB 3.0 over USB 2.0

USB 2.0 was invented in year 2000 at that time 2.0 is best performing USB drive and in year 2008 USB 3.0 was released that sets a new standards in USB industry.

Color: USB 2.0 color has color black while USB 3.0 has a color of blue

Data Transfer Rate: USB 2.0 offers transfer rate of 480 Mbps, while USB 3.0 offers the 10 times faster with transfer rate of 4.8 Gbps.

Large Bandwidth: USB 2.0 having disadvantage that is one way communication path. This means the data are both send and received over same pathway, another words at a time you can send or receive data not both. While USB 3.0 having separate cables for sending and receiving data that makes the drive faster in data transfer.

Large Number of Wires: USB 2.0 has total of four connector wires, while USB 3.0 has a total of 9 that increases the bandwidth by permitting two-way communication.

Power Consumption: USB 2.0 provides power up to 500 mA while USB 3.0 provides power up to 900 mA. It improves the power delivery from 2.5 W to 4.5 W. USB 3.0 devices can be charged faster and USB 3.0 ports can support more power-consuming devices then USB 2.0

Price: USB 3.0 is more expensive then USB 2.0. If you are willing to get faster data transfer speed then you have to pay extra charges.